Choosing the Perfect Sweatpants

People commonly exercise and relax in warm, loose-fitting sweatpants in cold weather. In contrast to joggers, they usually have a bootcut that is broader around the ankles and are made to encourage sweating and heat retention rather than leg cooling. Considering that sweats are typically more comfortable for sleeping in than joggers, they are also more frequently worn as pajamas.

High-quality stacked sweatpants are typically made completely of cotton, though they can also be constructed of more unusual materials like fleece or wool or cotton/polyester blends.

How to Pick the Best Sweatpants

Get a little more particular once you’ve decided whether you want to purchase sweatpants or joggers. There are so many different styles of sweatpants and joggers available that it’s only logical to question if there is a “great” pair and what it may entail.


The weather is the first factor to take into account when selecting sweatpants. Do you reside in a climate that receives little or a lot of snow and chilly air? If it’s cooler outside, you might choose thicker sweats, and if it’s warmer, thinner ones.


You should probably think about style if you intend to wear your sweatpants out and about. Instead of choosing simple, baggy sweatshirts that are excellent for lazing at home, choose sweatshirts with more fashionable patterns and motifs.


Note that regardless of what type of environment you have or style, 100% cotton sweatpants are typically the best. Sweatpants made of cotton are incredibly breathable, long-lasting, and able to best serve their main function of absorbing perspiration and keeping you comfortable.

Style Tips for Sweatpants

Not generally the kind of bottoms you’d wear for a dinner date, sweatpants and joggers are worn as loungewear, activewear, and streetwear. Nevertheless, there are ways to style these bottoms to make them look good and perhaps even dress them up! Let’s start with some advice on how to dress in sweats.

Try the following advice if you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear with your sweatpants to make them stylish for everyday use.

Select Fitted

Even though it could be tempting to choose the most comfortable, baggy pair of sweatpants you can find, if you want to seem stylish and trendy, you should probably choose a more tailored pair. While the additional fabric in baggy sweatpants is wonderful for lounging about the house, it can eventually seem unkempt and dirty.

Combine with a Classy Jacket

Fitted sweatpants and stylish coats go together like great wine. If you want to create a fashionable athleisure style, a trenchcoat, blazer, or leather jacket will help balance out your more casual sweatpants. Just make sure your sweatpants match the color and size of your jacket before you go!

Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Conversely, unless you’re trying for a more casual or sporty style, sneakers don’t offer much to enhance the fashion appeal of sweatpants. Sneakers are wonderful for exercising and dressing down finer pants. To add some sass to your appearance, try wearing your sweats with heels or boots.